Triad Pediatrics is excited to now be accepting new patients! We have provided a painless registration process right here on our website so that you can have your family registered with us before you ever step foot into our brand new practice. You can register your family by clicking here.

At Triad Pediatrics we are dedicated to making trips to the doctor as smooth as possible. We believe this begins at home. We understand that the most unexpected illnesses and injuries happen to children and booking an appointment should feel easy, not like a chore. Once you have registered your family with us, you can book an appointment right on our website. We also believe that the less paperwork you have to fill out inside our practice with children in tow the easier your life will be. We will gather all information we can ahead of time in the convenience of your home.

Booking an appointment becomes as easy as visiting our website, entering in your cell phone number and selecting the appointment date and time that works for you. When you arrive, we strive to limit your time in our waiting room but hope to make you as comfortable as possible while you are there.


  • Are you accepting new patients?
  • What insurances do you take?
  • Are you accepting new Medicaid patients?
  • Where do I go to register online?
  • How do I transfer my child’s medical records to your practice?
  • Can I tour your office before committing?
  • Do you do Prenatal Consults?
  • When booking a sick visit I have to book under “Sick Clinic” instead of selecting a provider. Why is this?
  • What to bring to your first appointment?
  • How does it work if I choose to self-pay?
  • What to do when my child needs a prescription refill request?
Yes! We are currently accepting new patients at Triad Pediatrics. Register online or give us a call to become a part of the Triad Pediatrics community.

Below is a list of the insurance companies we are currently in network with.

If your insurance is not listed below please feel free to call as we may still be working with other insurances or may have recently added new ones.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Medicaid
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Medcost
  • Medi-Share
  • UMR
  • United HealthCare
Yes. We are happy to help assist patients who wish to become Triad Pediatric patients. At your request we will contact Community Care of North Carolina in order to switch your primary care provider. Please contact us at (336) 802-1111 or come by our practice with any questions or concerns you may have concerning Medicaid at Triad Pediatrics.
Registering at our practice is easy! On the homepage of our website click the “Register Here!” button on the banner at the top of the page, and we will walk you through a quick and easy registration process. Enter in the required information now and then decide if you would like to enter in the rest at a later date.
After you register on our website, you can sign into our website at any time using your email address or phone number and the password you set up upon registration. Once signed in, on the “My Family” tab, you will have the option to “Transfer Records.” Click the button, and you can upload a copy of the records. If you do not already have a copy of your child's records, you can request a "Medical Records Transfer Request Form" be sent to your portal by calling us at the office (336) 802-1111. Once this is complete, we will contact the practice indicated to acquire your child's up-to-date records.
New to the area? New to Triad Peds? Want to get to know us before you commit?? Of course you can! Call our office and let us know that you would like a tour of our new facility. We will schedule a time to show you around and one of our providers will answer any questions you might have at that time.
Are you expecting? Congratulations! Call us to set up a prenatal consult with one of our providers. We will be happy to see you.
When booking an appointment at Triad Pediatrics you will find that you can book Well Visits with the provider of your choice, but for Sick Visits you will book under a general category of “Sick Clinic”. This is to prevent long wait times at our office. When you come in for your sick visit we will suggest that you see the provider with the shortest wait time. If you request to see a specific provider we will do our best to fit you in, but this might mean a longer wait time.
Please bring a copy of your current insurance card to your first appointment along with any immunization records. In addition, if you can bring name and contact information of any previous practice where your child has been treated we will have you sign a form that requests the transfer of those records to us.
If you do not have health insurance and desire to be self-pay for services, the fee at the time of service is $50 for a sick visit and $85 for a check-up (i.e., preventative care) . Additional fees may apply for the administration of immunizations, labs, and specific procedures your provider may order. If you have any specific questions, call our main number and ask to speak with a billing team member.
We ask that you please call or send a portal message and give us as much advance notice as possible when a refill is due. A minimum of two to three business days before your child runs out of a certain medication helps to guarantee our providers have adequate time to complete the refill.