Conveniently located in north High Point, our office is just a short drive from Greensboro, Kernersville and many other areas in our local community.

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Family Centered Care

Being a parent or caregiver of a child brings great joy and immense challenges. It can be a daunting responsibility. At Triad Pediatrics, we know the unique challenges families face during each stage of their child’s growth and development. As your child grows, we desire to be an encouraging voice and a helpful advocate for you and your family. By providing you with best, most up to date medical information available, we will equip you to make the right decisions for your child. If your child is sick, our providers are experts in the field of pediatric medicine and will judiciously use tests and technology to reach the correct diagnosis. We will always work with you to find the most convenient, cost effective treatment that works best for your family.

Convenient Care

At Triad Pediatrics, we know how busy life can get. We are constantly seeking new ways to use technology to simplify communication and give you access to the tools your family needs to thrive. Whether it’s booking an appointment, getting a medicine refilled, accessing your child’s medical record or getting answers to your questions, we’re going to do what we can to make it simple and convenient.

Compassionate Care

Compassionate care can be defined in many ways. Here at Triad Pediatrics, we like to define it as connecting those in need with those who have a desire and ability to help. By definition, everyone walking through our doors has a need. We want to do everything we can to make sure you leave satisfied that we have done our best to meet your needs. Our hearts also go out to those in our world with unmet needs. While you are here on our site or in our office, you will see the many faces and stories of unmet needs around the world and those who are trying to help. We want to use our time and resources to help meet these needs as well, and perhaps make an impact on meeting our world's greatest need…


You might have noticed that we are a little different here at Triad Pediatrics. Our primary goal will always be to provide the best, most compassionate medical care possible to each child we have the privilege to serve. We do this because we believe that each child is precious to God. In fact, we believe that every person on this planet was made in the image of God and is important to Him... important enough that He sent His own son, Jesus, to stand in our place on the cross and pay our penalty for breaking God’s law. This is truly great news, and we want to share it with everyone we can, both in what we say and what we do. Perhaps you and your family do not share our beliefs. You can rest assured that we will care for every child like they were our own regardless. We just want you to know why we are here.

Because we are passionate about caring for kids, our hearts break for the millions of children around the world who suffer from lack of adequate medical care. So much of this suffering is preventable. We are pushing back against this darkness in three main ways:

Increasing Awareness

We hope to increase awareness of what life is like in other parts of our global community.


Our providers take time to travel the world to serve children in need.

Sending Aid

We are thankful to be able to contribute directly to aid the children who need it most.